Bad Habit is an Event card only contained in Tanto Cuore (Base Game). When purchased, they are placed directly into any player's Private Quarters . At the end of the game Bad Habits are worth negative VP .


"At the end of the game - If you have 4 [or] more Bad Habits in your Private Quarters, each is worth -2VP"

Cost: 2 Love

Value: -1 VP


Purchasing Bad Habits may be tempting, but doing so is likely to start an "arms race". If other players feel threatened, especially if they know you're trying to send a great number of Bad Habits to them, they will likely start sending more Bad Habits right back at you in retribution. If you are able to generate a great number of Employs near the end of the game, sending a slew of Bad Habits (4 or more) to a leading player all at once can drastically lower their score and turn the tide, provided that they don't have time to do the same to you. 

For a less aggressive game, you may choose to not include Bad Habits and/or Illnesses.