Eugenie Fontaine
Job Title Private Maid
Employ Cost 5 Love
Ability You may look at 1 random card in another player's hand. Afterwards, you may force that player to trade it for a card they randomly select from your hand.
Found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)

Eugenie Fontaine is a Private Maid found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)


Eugenie Fontaine is another maid best suited for antagonizing your opponents. Like Eliza Rosewater's "policing" ability, Eugenie's ability to peek at a random card in a player's hand has a tendency to really annoy them, even if you don't choose to force them to swap with you. It's possible that you could get lucky, if your hand is weak and you happen to find a Maid Chief . But if that works out for you even once, expect some Illnesses and/or Bad Habits  to come your way. Especially in a 3 or 4 player game you won't want to make enemies if you can help it, so Eugenie is probably best used employed simply to advance the Private Maid stack.