Felicity Horn
Job Title Chambermaid
Employ Cost 3
Ability +1 Love
Special Effect You may chambermaid a "Chambermaid Chief" from your hand for free.
Victory Points  ?
Chambermaid Bonus 4 Felicity=12VP, 3 Felicity=8VP, 2 Felicity=4VP
Found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

Strategy Edit

Felicity is a great purchase in the early turns of the game. Not only can she help to remove some of those pesky chambermaid chiefs from your hand, she can also be removed from your hand later in the game for some nice VP (if you have 2-4 of her). She's similar to Safran Virginie in this way, but Felicity's effect is weaker. So avoid cluttering your deck early on with too many of her.