Francine Barbier
Quote "Aa!! Now I remember!!"
Job Title Library Maid
Employ Cost 5 Love
Ability +2 Servings; You may return two "2 Love" cards from your hand to the Town in exchange for one Maid Chief of your choice.
Found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

Francine Barbier is a General Maid found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House.


Francine is most useful for the two Servings she generates. Her ability to swap two "2 Love" cards for a Maid Chief is dicey. "2 Love" cards are very useful, and getting rid of two of them in exchange for a Maid Chief will weaken your deck in exchange for some quick VP . If you're playing with the cards from Tanto Cuore (Base Game), Kagari Ichinomiya is a better value.