Illness is a card contained only in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)


"This is placed onto a Maid in any player's Private Quarters . That Maid loses all her abilities and VPs "

"In your Starting Phase: You may discard a '3 Love ' card from your hand. If you do, return this card to town."

Cost: 4 Love


Illnesses are most frequently used to disable opponents' Private Maids . This is most effective early in the game, before players are likely to have "3 Love" cards to heal their PMs with. Illnesses can also be used to disable opponents' Chambermaids to deprive them of VP, but this is best done in the last few rounds, so that your opponents will not have time to cure the Illness.

Employing Claire Saint-Juste and Sora Nakachi can also help you cure or prevent Illnesses, if they are available.