Maid Chiefs are included in every set of Tanto Cuore. Each game will include one Maid Chiefs, and one Chambermaid Chief. Maid Chiefs are players' main source of Victory Points.

According to the game rules, Chambermaid Chiefs are also technically Maid Chiefs.

Maid ChiefsEdit


Maid Chiefs are the most valuable Maids in the game to employ, worth either 5 or 6 VP each. Early in the game you will want to focus on generating as much Love as possible per turn so that you can employ as many Maid Chiefs as possible. Once all Maid Chiefs have been purchased, you'll want to have employed Maids who can generate extra Employs so that you don't have more Love than you can actually use.

The downside to Maid Chiefs is that they don't provide a bonus effect, and can clutter up your hand. However, they are worth enough VP to offset this penalty. If Estates are available, purchasing them can allow you to move Maid Chiefs out of your deck and into your Private Quarters.