Description Edit

"More Tanto Cuore" is a new series in the Tanto Cuore line. "Tanto Cuore" is a deck building game in which players are masters of a house, and use their small deck of "love" cards to employ cute maids, and gradually expanding their decks. "More Tanto Cuore" enhances this with a "worker placement" mechanism. Each round, players choose one each of the available high class maids to get help from. High class maids' assistance is needed to be able to help out with Food, Decorations or Cleaning errands. Once the game ends, players account their Food, Decoration and Cleaning cards. Certain maids are also worth victory points by themselves. The player with the most Victory points has contributed best to the upcoming party, and is declared to be the Most Delightful Master.

Cards Edit

The maids in this deck that are included (not all are) in the other expansions have a different effect in this game.

The following cards are included in this edition:

    • Noemi Santorini
    • Celina Lavaux
    • Arisa Awakawa
    • Marianne Soleil
    • Ignis Charpentier
    • Ellis Heartland
    • Yukina Shirazaki
    • Ariette Cuore
    • Frederika Schutz
  • Love Cards
    • 1 Love
    • 2 Love
    • 3 Love
  • General Maids
    • Colette Fambroise
    • Anise Greenway
    • Ophelia Grail
    • Edith Shirling
    • Lenor Abrille
    • Julia Crawford
    • Tomo Yatagaya
    • Cecilia Saint-Claire
    • Moine de Fevre
    • Catherine Leger
    • Chiffon Loudenne
    • Anette Thane
    • Elaine Fontenille
    • Dawn Stride
  • Preparation Cards
    • Food
    • Decoration
    • Cleaning