Ophelia Grail is a General Maid found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)

Ophelia Grail
Job Title All-purpose Maid
Employ Cost 6
Ability +1 Love, +1 Draw, +1 Serving, +1 Employ
Special Effect At the end of the game: If you have more than 1 Ophelia in your deck they are worth 2 VP each if you ave an odd number total. If they are an even number total they are worth -2 VP each.
Victory Points  ?
Found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)


Ophelia is an expensive but highly powerful "Chaining Maid". She's unique to other "Chaining Maids" in the base set like Genevieve Daubigny or Esquine Foret as she can grant VP by the end of the game. Her ability to provide an additional Employ and Love while chaining makes her strong even near the end game. You have to watch over the number of copies of her in the deck though as an even number of copies of her would generate negative VP for you. Be sure to have an odd number of copies of her if you intend to employ her.