Renee R Rieussec
Quote "Yes, Pearl... heel... there's a good boy."
Job Title Pet Maid
Employ Cost 5 Love
Ability +2 Draws. If you have 6 or more cards in your hand, you must return a card from your hand to the top of your deck.
Found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

Renee R Rieussec is a General Maid found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House.


Renee is a very good "Chaining Maid", frequently passed up by players intimidated by the penalty associated with her ability. But it's not as bad as it sounds. First, any Maid that you have been served by is no longer in your hand, so if you don't play Renee first you may not have to ditch any cards. Second, if you do have to lose a card, you don't discard it. Instead it goes on top of your deck. This allows you to "bank" cards you can't use or don't need on this turn for your next turn. And of course, if you follow Renee up with another maid who generates draws, the card you lost will go right back into your hand. Basically, Renee allows for greater deck control, which is a good thing.