Ririko Hiragi
Quote "Even flowers need a warm heart."
Job Title Chambermaid
Employ Cost 2
Ability +1 Love
Victory Points 1
Chambermaid Bonus As long as Ririko is your chambermaid, you may treat "Lily Gardens" as if they cost 5.
Found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

Strategy Edit

If your game includes Buildings, and you only have 2 Love to work with (especially on your first few turns), employing one Ririko and making her a chambermaid to lower the cost of gardens isn't a bad idea. But if you can afford it, a 2 Love card is a better investment.

As a chambermaid, Ririko also allows you to purchase a Lily Garden, just like a Garden does. If other players aren't observant enough to notice this, you might be able to snipe a Lily Garden out from under them that they didn't expect you to be able to buy.

Later in the game, Ririko can be a decent source of last minute VP if better options have been taken.