Sainsbury Lockwood
Job Title Laundry Maid
Employ Cost 5 Love
Ability If you have a '1 Love' card in your hand, you may return it to town and replace it with a '2 Love' card, or a maid costing '4 Love' or less to employ.
Found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game)

Sainsbury Lockwood is a General Maid found in Tanto Cuore (Base Game) .


If Sainsbury is available, employ her as quickly as possible. Replacing your '1 Love' cards with '2 Love' cards will dramatically improve your deck. Sainsbury is slightly less useful once all '2 Love' cards have been claimed, but if there are good low-cost General Maids available (especially Esquine Foret or Genevieve Daubigny) trading out your '1 Love' cards for them is still worth it. Later in the game, Sainsbury will no longer be useful, but that's a small price to pay for the improvement she will have made to your deck by then.