Victoria Calderan
Quote "T-This building isn't lovely enough!"
Job Title Destruction Maid
Employ Cost 4 Love
Ability +2 Love; Discard the top card of your deck and an opponent's deck. If your discarded card was of an employ cost of 2 or more than that opponent's you may return one of their buildings to town.
Found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House

Victoria Calderan is a General Maid found in Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House.


Employing Victoria Calderan is tempting, but not especially useful. Her destruction ability is very difficult to trigger, since not only do you have to discard a more valuable card than your opponent, it must cost at least 2 Love more than your opponent's card. Like most attack abilities, Victoria's mostly prolongs the game, but in a close game it can make the difference between victory and defeat (if you can get it to trigger, that is). Her +2 Love effect is a decent consolation prize, but why spend 4 Love to Employ Victoria when you could by a 2 Love card instead?